Texas Lutheran Kicker Kicks FG off Rebound and it Shouldn't Have Counted

So if you read the headline you're probably asking WTF is Phil talking about?? Well, let me explain....

Saturday Texas Lutheran played Bellhaven in a Division III Football game and well, they manhandled the Blazers, winning 37-0.

But it is not the final score anyone is talking about. No, it's a play late in the 3rd quarter when Bulldog kicker Tyler Hopkins lined up for what should have been a chip shot, 18-yard field goal.

Alas, the kick was blocked...but it rebounded right back to Hopkins who did what anyone who's ever played soccer is likely to do...he kicked again---through the uprights.

The referee's--they for reasons unexplained counted the kick as good and awarded Texas Lutheran 3-points. But the question is...should they have??

The answer is= No....

And the reason is actually simple. Once the ball is blocked and hits the ground---according to NCAA rules..it's dead. It can't be advanced, picked up, thrown or kicked.

So, did it change the outcome of the game? No. Is it something viral in the age of viral video?? Absolutely....it made for heck of a crazy highlight...

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