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Where will Saturday's Tennessee at Florida game be played?? (UPDATED: We Know...)

If you've watched any News at all the past few days you likely know pretty much the entire state of Florida is either flooded or cleaning up after Hurricane Irma took out her wrath on them.

The storm caused several Week 2 Cancellations and a couple of games to get relocated.

Already for Week 3, there are a handful of games that have been PPD. Georgia Tech's game at UCF has been postponed as has Florida International's game at Indiana (yes, that one is a little strange).

The Florida Gators have a big "Rivalry" game slated for their home field on Saturday vs. Tennessee and word is the game is in serious jeopardy too. The Gators cancelled their Week 2 game vs. Northern Colorado due to the storm and based on these pictures of the aftermath....the Tennessee game doesn't look promising.

Do they ask Tennessee to host the game? Do they reschedule?? Or do they move it?

Asking the Vols to host is an option. Rescheduling---probably not. Moving the game to a "Neutral" site is also an option but where do you go??

Jacksonville has a big stadium--but is in the same boat as Gainesville--serious flooding issues and heavily damaged. If they don't go to Knoxville--where else can they go?? They spoke to Auburn last week about hosting the Northern Colorado game--this week The Tigers play at home vs. Mercer at 4pm.

UAB allowed both FIU and Georgia Southern to play games in Birmingham, but the Blazers host a game on Saturday too. Alabama has a home game too by the way.

The speculation is Atlanta is the most likely destination though we aren't exactly sure why the two teams couldn't just flip locations. Though we should add even The ATL isn't a sure thing. The big stadium--Mercedes Benz--hosts a MLS Soccer match on Saturday, Sunday the Falcons play at home.

But....the stadium formerly known as Turner Field--now home to Georgia State's football team---is available. It's not nearly as big as The Swamp--or Neyland Stadium...but the Panthers play at Penn State so in theory the game could be played there.

Stay tuned campers--the SEC will be the ones with final say here and the decision will have to come on Tuesday. It can't be dragged out for the simple fact even 4 days of preparation will be tough for anyone to pull off.

We will update this story when we find out what happens....

PM UPDATE: Jimmy Hyams has the news as Gainesville seems to be getting back on its feet a little faster than expected...

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