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Missouri Fires Defensive Coordinator After Realizing They Can't Stop Anyone

All is apparently not so well at The University of Missouri as the football team has finally come to the realization their defense is in a word---awful.

The Tigers announced they have parted ways with Defensive Coordinator DeMontie Cross just two games in to the 2017 season. The Tigers thus far are 1-1 on the season after giving up 43 points in the opener against Missouri State (an FCS team) and 31 to a "meh" South Carolina squad leaving them as the 114th best defense in all of the Football Bowl Subdivision. (There are only 120 so teams in FBS)

This comes on the heels of a 2016 season which saw the Tigers finish last in the SEC in defense and 89th worst in the country while Head Coach Barry Odom (a former Defensive Coordinator) got elevated to the head coaching job.

No word yet on who will replace Cross though it has been whispered Odom had run the defense for the last few games of last season when the Tigers had shown at least some improvement.

Odom's team is 1-1 on the season and 0-1 in the dreaded SEC Least but with their performance thus far--they haven't exactly instilled fear in any of their opponents.

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