Yes La. Tech Lost 87 Yards on a Single Silly Play

Add another thing to the list of stuff you never thought you'd ever see. An 87-yard loss on one play.

Lousiana Tech was hosting Mississippi State Saturday night and not surprisingly the Bulldogs were leading 57-14 early in the 4th quarter when Tech had a "Play for the Ages"....

Lined up in the shotgun---the ball is snapped right by QB J'mar Smith and bounces away, gets kicked as a couple of players try to scoop it up and just bobble it further back before WR Cee Jay Smith finally falls on it.

Yes, it really was an 87-yard loss on the play giving Tech a 3rd and 93 on their own 7.

Needless to say---they did not convert. Tech would score a late touchdown to close the score to 57-21....but the game will forever be remembered.....for this.