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Monday Night CFB: Tennessee Outlasts Ga. Tech in 2 OT's

It wasn't pretty but in the end, the Tennessee Volunteers left their opening game in Atlanta's Mercedes Benz Stadium with a 1-0 record after beating Georgia Tech 42-41 in two overtimes.

The game wasn't pretty--statistically Tech dominated the Vols with Yellow Jacket QB TaQuon Marshall having an absolute Field Day. Marshall ran for 249 yards and 5 TD's on 44 carries while throwing for another 120 yards as his team ran off 96 plays on the night.

But the last play was the only one that mattered. The Volunteers scored a Touchdown in the top half of the 2nd Overtime and Tech matched them with a score as well. But with an extra point being all Paul Johnson and the Jackets needed to go to a 3rd overtime---Johnson flipped the script deciding to go for 2 and the win.

It attempt failed--albeit barely---giving Tennessee the win....

Your highlights from UT Sports TV:

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