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What the Fox Says: Liberty Downs Baylor in a Game Overshadowed by a Fox

Perhaps the Fox is a harbinger of doom for a program that sold its soul to the devil.

The Baylor Bears--a not too long ago Top 10 team in all the land--kicked off the 2017 season in front of a surprisingly sparse crowd in Waco, Texas by losing to Liberty University 48-45. Mind you Liberty has been primarily a FCS team, Baylor a competitor in the Big 12.

Perhaps the highlight of the game.....the appearance---on FS 2 (Fox Sports 2) of....yes, you guessed it. A real, live fox.

We are going to show you more angles of the fox in the upper deck and express our happiness that (a) there were an awful lot of empty seats at the stadium and (b) Baylor lost. Though we should qualify it by saying there's no love for Liberty (a.k.a. Jerry Falwell U)---who hired disgraced former Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw a move we and many others indicate the Flames may possibly try to pursue a course of selling their own souls to have a strong football program.

Enough pontificating...more Fox....

KCEN Sports Anchor Jessica Morrey not only found the Fox on her camera phone---she did a play-by-play call....

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