UAB Had A Helluva Day

((HT: UAB News/Stadium))

It was a moment that didn't need to happen in the first place. But the relationships involving the University of Alabama Board of Regents and the hierarchy of the University of Alabama-Birmingham blew up UAB football a few years ago.

A public outcry and a lot of financial backing has brought the Blazers back to Conference USA this year and their return to football was at Legion Field against Alabama A&M.

There are a few moments the HQ will take with us...

The first has to do with a scholarship athlete then who is now UAB's Director of Character Development. Timothy Alexander promised he was going to do something on the day of The Return (capitalization intentional)- and he did...

The second will be a part of the win over A&M, but you can never let these moments pass...

Good on you, UAB...

Welcome back!

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