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Yes, Les Miles Announced He Was Using the Bathroom on Live TV

Never, ever change Les Miles. Ever.

Former LSU Football Coach and current College Football TV "Expert" Les Miles treated those watching ESPN's Megacast coverage of the Indiana/Ohio State game to a moment only Les could produce.

Miles, who will soon show up on Fox Sports, was a part of the "Coaches Corner" on ESPN News---where a group of former College Coaches along with Joe Tessitore talked and broke down plays during the game.

It was during the "Post-Game" breakdown where, broke down---standing up and telling the assembled group "Excuse me, I've got to go to the bathroom".

But there's more----

Les' s mic stayed on as he walked out of the studio and down the hall...asking people on the way where he could find said bathroom.

No really...this happened....

And yes, he's must watch TV.....

All we could think of while watching....was this.....

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