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The Ohio State University Survives The First Game In Football Mad Indiana

The first game of the college football season is always a crap shoot. It doesn’t matter if the top ranked team in the country takes on a middle of the road Group Of 5 school there is always some point in the game you feel uneasy.

#2 Ohio State season opener was somewhat tough. The Buckeyes got to go to Bloomington, Indiana to play a conference game, Indiana.

I’ve never seen such an electric atmosphere for a football game in Hoosierland. I absolutely loved it. Good for you Hoosier football fans.

Back to first games being a crap shoot because Indiana gave their fans plenty of reasons for hope.

Hoosier quarterback Richard Lagow was slinging the ball around the field with 278 first half passing yards and 2 touchdowns. Simmie Cobbs, Jr and Luke Timian were making nice catches and Indiana was leading at halftime 14-13.

Probably not the halftime score Buckeye fans were expecting and judging from some Twitter traffic I saw there was some concern.

I saw two things at halftime that didn’t make me nervous at all.

One Indiana rushed for only 2 yards in the first half and the Ohio State defense sacked Lagow 4 times.

Plus freshman J.K. Dobbins had 102 yards rushing at the half so even the Bucks offensive line was doing it’s job.

In other words the Buckeyes defensive front was dominating and making plays and the running game was chewing up yards.

It was time to release the hounds in the second half and that’s what the Ohio State team did.

With so much talent on both sides of the ball the Buckeyes just overwhelmed Indiana 35-7 in the second half.

That’s what great teams do when they can after toying with a middle of the road conference opponant.

Apply foot to throat and not let up.

“Bottom line is, great opportunity tonight, we didn't take full advantage of it.” Indiana head coach Tom Allen said after the game.

To be fair this was Tom Allen’s first game as Hoosier head coach. Allen wants this Indiana program to BreakThrough in the Big Ten.

That will take a talent upgrade however you have to be encouraged that Bloomington, Indiana looked like a football town Thursday night. It was a big time college football atmosphere where traditionally basketball is king.

As for the Ohio State University they have 9 days to prep for the Oklahoma Sooners who come to the horseshoe.

That will be a tremendous test and another college football game I can’t wait to see.

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