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Houston Texans Still Want to Play Season Opener at Home

You have to admire the thought process of the Houston Texans and their players. The hearts are in the right place as several players are wishing for the team to open their NFL season Sunday September 10th at NRG Stadium in flood stricken Houston against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The reasons--very logical and understandable--Coach Bill O'Brien telling the Houston Chronicle "If our stadium is ready to go, it's important to have the game at home. Maybe it gives our fans a chance, for three hours at least, to cheer and kind of forget the trials and tribulations of what would be the last two weeks".

Admirable--but this also comes on the heels of the stadium being opened up as a shelter/go to spot now for those looking to start the process of getting dry and filing paperwork--getting their affairs in order in order to start the rebuilding process.

Several of O'Brien's players agree knowing full well despite their good intentions--it may not be possible. But all the while at the same time doing whatever they can to get help to those in need.

From LB Brian Cushing:

The NFL Owners---they've chipped in as well. The owner of the Tennessee Titans--Amy Adams Strunk (daughter of Bud) she help push the Goal forward when she donated $1 million....

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