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BYU-LSU Game Still Looking for a Home Because of Harvey--Updated

Update 6:30 pm EDT Monday:

They've found a home. To the surprise of few, the BYU vs. LSU game will be relocated to New Orleans. And yes, while the Superdome will be somewhat of a "Home" game for the Bengal Tigers---it was the most logical location to play the game.

The announcement:


Amidst the horrific scenes and wreckage of Hurricane Harvey in Southeastern Texas--the world of Sports has been impacted as well.

Saturday night, BYU and LSU were set to square off in Houston at the Advocare Classic--one of several "High Profile" Week 1 Kickoff Classics.

Harvey has changed that.

With some 20-plus inches of rain already on the ground and another 20 or so forecast--there is less than 0-percent chances of the game being played in Houston.

Which leaves the Cougars and Tigers scrambling to find a place to host them.

BYU and LSU leaders have discussed several options, including playing in either Baton Rouge or New Orleans though a big sticking point is both schools trying very hard to make the game somewhat neutral site.

So they've been looking further away--5 days out--at other options. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate--those options include Orlando, Nashville and even Jacksonville. The folks in Orlando have been quick to jump in and say "Come on Over", Nashville is still looking at what it would take to make it happen and Jacksonville has the facility and the infrastructure--but there are questions about whether they have enough time.

Two reasons--big ones, as to why the schools want to play on Saturday and not postpone: 1) BYU, according to school covenants is not able to play a game--any game, on a Sunday. and 2) Neither school has a corresponding date where they could make the game up.

Which leaves the 35,000 or so fans who've already bought tickets in limbo along with the schools and the stadium officials. What do you do now??

If the teams agree to play somewhere else--will the fans be able to come on short notice too? Or will the locals turn out en masse to make the game worth the cost??

All good questions that will have to be answered---within the next day or so. If the game is actually going to move and play Saturday, the new host, the teams, the schools and the fans need as much notice as they possibly can get.

Stay tuned---this story is nowhere near finished....

For those of you who don't normally watch the News---this is why we talk about such things:

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