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Squirrel on the Field is Best Part of Miami vs. Philly NFL Exhibition Game

It was easily the highlight of another in the long list of un-interesting and long NFL Exhibition games where people pay full price to watch reserve players play.

Late in the 2nd quarter of the Miami Dolphins vs. Philadelphia Eagles game in Philly Thursday night was briefly interrupted by the appearance of a squirrel who made himself at home around midfield before scampering off....

For what it's worth--the "Rally Squirrel" spurred the Eagles to go on a 14-point run on the way to a 38-31 win. And no, we have no idea either how a squirrel could make it on the field. The stadium sits in the middle of a "Sports Complex" with the Phillies stadium and the 76ers arena.

Then again we aren't animal experts either.....

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