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NC State Dismisses 2, Suspends 3 For Party


An on-campus party involving alcohol and marijuana at North Carolina State has resulted in the dismissal of 2 football players and the suspension of three more.

Five NC State freshmen were involved at a party in late July and three sexual assault allegations were made in concert with the party itself. The Athletics Department was part of the on-campus investigation and head coach Dave Doeren made the decision on the five unrelated to the sexual assault allegations.

Doeren released a statement after the decisions as Antoine Thompson and Kevince Brown were dismissed. Isaiah Moore, Erin Collins and Xavier Lyas were suspended.:

“We have a locker room full of young men committed to representing our University with integrity and respect, and have created a strong culture for NC State Football through our leadership program," Doeren said in a statement. "We had five freshmen, two of whom have been dismissed, who made poor decisions that don’t align with the values of our program and each has been handled accordingly. Although I’ve disciplined these players for violations of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct, I want to make it clear that I respect due process in the University and legal proceedings. Our players understand that I’m going be firm, but fair when it comes to discipline.”

Wake County (NC) District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said that no charges have been filed and her office is "still in the process of reviewing the case."

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