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Paranoid Gus Malzahn's "Not Ready to Say That" is Internet Highlight of The Day

Auburn Football Coach Gus Malzahn is much like his compatriots in the College Coaching world in that he's uber-paranoid that anything he says in to the assembled reporters will make his team lose.

Malzahn, who is under a bit of pressure at Auburn, a team who has struggled a bit the past couple of seasons, his vaunted offense floundering due to lack of a good QB since the departure of Nick Marshall.

This preseason, Malzahn has decided the "Non-Committal" answer is better than either (a) lying or (b) telling the truth about his depth chart and other football related questions.

His lack of....well, anything inspired's Auburn Beat Writer James Crepea to produce a super-cut of Malzahn's press conference answers.

The only thing missing from this---a music bed...

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