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More Groups Banding Together to Boycott NFL Over Kaepernick

Several different groups in different towns are banding together along with a growing list of NFL players to tell the NFL they've had enough with them black-balling QB Colin Kaepernick.

You'll recall Kaepernick made headlines in 2016 for kneeling during the National Anthem a move made as a statement over the relationship between Police and Black American's. This despite a Cable Television Network hijacking the gesture and claiming it was about disrespecting the flag and Americans.

Kaepernick admittedly hasn't been the same player since 2013/2014 under then 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh when he (Kaepernick) was one of the most dangerous QB's in the league. Injuries slowed him for a couple of season and in 2016, he eventually worked his way back and started a majority of San Francisco's games last season.

He wasn't spectacular--but wasn't horrible either. A 90.4 QBR is pretty good. 16 TD passes with only 4 INT's isn't bad either. But the Niners were terrible in 2016 and Kaepernick's contract ran out.

However...due in large part to the baggage that comes with his 2016 actions on the bench...he remains unsigned by anyone in 2017. This despite guys like Thad Lewis (who?), Brock Osweiler, Jake Rudock, Mark Sanchez and Dan Orlovsky all occupying space on an NFL roster.

And while nobody in the NFL will say Kaepernick is "Blackballed", how else do you explain it? Owners have not said they fear a backlash but the gesture and lack of interest in a semi-talented football says "Nobody wants you".

The un-spoken blocking of a black NFL player for making a statement hasn't gone unnoticed. Several high profile players including Marshawn Lynch have balked at standing for the anthem as a solidarity statement and to help try and bring attention to the "Police vs. Black Male" issue still haunting the U.S today.

Others are now stepping in too...

A group of Alabama Pastors has decided they are going to help their clergy boycott watching NFL games. They produced a video to help spread their message....

Which folks...if you think about it...even just a little---is the main reason that Mr. Kaepernick decided to make his statement in the first place....

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