Reports: Ric Flair is Fighting for his Life

The man considered by many the Greatest Professional Wrestler of All Time is in the battle of his life Monday afternoon.

Multiple reports say the 68-year old legend is at an unnamed hospital in a "Medically Induced Coma". Many of those reports reference heart issues and possible surgery for the man known by most as "The Nature Boy".

Just this past weekend, Flair did the "Opening" promo for the PGA Championship in a way only he could do it....

Flair has had health issues for most of his life. From a broken back early in his career, he survived a plane crash. And he hasn't exactly lived a low-key healthy lifestyle.

But the long, flowing, blond hair. The glitter and rhinestone studded, body length robes and the ability to cut a promo off the cuff that nobody could match.....

Most remember his from his run in the WWE over the past 20-years, but for those of us of a certain age, the fascination began way back in the early 1980's where he was the driving force behind the NWA which eventually became World Championship Wrestling (WCW)...

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