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H.S Football Player Dies During Navy SEAL Drill

As we quickly move towards football season, most every high school, college and professional player in America is in the midst of training camp. And unfortunately with training camps come the inevitable accidents or injuries.

Thursday morning a drill designed by Navy SEALS and one that arguably should not have been attempted by 16-year olds turned fatal when a tree log carried by players of Sachem East High School on Long Island, New York fell and crashed into the head of a player.

Joshua Mileto died after the 12-foot log fell on him around 8:40 in the morning--though no other players were injured. Police, according to New York TV Station WCBS, did come out and investigate what happened--calling it an accident.

Football "Bonding" drills have long been rituals for teams at most every level, some more dangerous than others. Sachem High School students and coaches are devastated by what happened but the question does still remain--why do this drill in the first place??

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