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Minnesota Kicker Gets Scholarship Via T-Shirt Cannon and Special Guest

This is too good of a story to not share. New University of Minnesota football coach P.J Fleck is a master user of social media and generating interest in his programs.

Which is one element of what made the day--and likely the year of his kicker Justin Junemann.

Fleck gathered his team in the main meeting room with the idea of hearing an inspirational speech by Kyle--a Patient from The Masonic Children's Hospital at the University.

The Coach entered the room with a t-shirt cannon--a move that raised a few eyebrows. Fleck then introduced Kyle and had the youngster explain how he'd seen Junemann at the hospital more than any other player.

Fleck than asked Kyle to grab the t-shirt cannon and shoot Justin a "Thank You" t-shirt which Junemann easily caught. The kicker then sat down before unfurling the shirt and actually reading it.

The shirt had a message on it....Junemann was being granted a full scholarship. The team....Kyle and The Coach erupted into applause and happiness ensued....

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