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Yes Really: Braves SS Injures Knee Running Onto Field

There are "Freak" injuries and then there are freak injuries. What happened to Atlanta Braves Shortstop Johan Camargo Tuesday night is just plain weird.

Somehow, Camargo managed to hyper-extend and bruise his knee while running onto the field at the beginning of the Braves game with the Philadelphia Phillies.

It's kind of hard to tell...but it appears either his right knee gave way upon landing or his cleat got caught in the wet Sun Trust Park turf.....

The Braves trotted Jace Peterson out to take Camargo's place during the 5-2 loss to the Phillies, but they also had prized rookie Dansby Swanson--who was demoted to AAA because of his struggles this season---was pulled out his game in Gwinnett in the 3rd inning and likely will drive to the other side of the Metro Atlanta area to play for the big club on Wednesday.

It's an unfortunate turn for Camargo, one of the better stories for the Braves in yet another "Rebuilding" season. He seemingly came out of nowhere and was hitting close to .300 on the year making the Swanson move happen.

Hopefully he'll recover soon and this will just be a funny story to be told forever and ever....

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