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The Browns Produce a Brock Osweiler Hype Video??

By most accounts--in 2016, Brock Osweiler was pretty bad at playing Quarterback. Also in 2016, the Cleveland Browns were pretty bad at playing football.

So the pairing of the two was inevitable--right?

Thus far, Osweiler--the only QB in Browns camp with significant playing experience has become Cleveland's #1 starter. Which depending on your point of view could be a good---or a really bad thing.

But in case you weren't convinced Osweiler is "The Guy"---the Browns Social Media team produced a "Hype" video. Of training camp plays.

The Browns have Cody Kessler--who was 0-8 as a starter last year and rookie draft pick DeShone Kizer in camp with "B-Rock". Kizer, a starter with some potential was drafted with the thought of him eventually being "The Guy". But that time is not Preseason Game #1.

Cleveland--known among many things as the "Kiss of Death" for QB's got "B-Rock" in the offseason, taking the last 3-years of Osweiler's 4-year, $72 million contract of the hands of the Houston Texans.

"B-Rock's" 2016 stats included 15 TD passes and 16 interceptions--spending part of the season benched for his play and replaced by Tom Savage.

Maybe Osweiler will re-capture the magic that made him a highly coveted player after excelling as a backup in Denver just 2-years ago. Or maybe Cleveland will be Cleveland and the snarky-ness we...and many others are throwing out there after this laughable--but well produced video---will only remind us all why Brock be Brock...

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