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Baylor's Dir. of Football Ops Becomes Internet Star After Race With Tackling Dummy

This is the story of Man vs. Machine in a competition the Man actually won. Or did he?

Saturday afternoon at the end of Baylor's Football practice---Head Coach Matt Ruhle decided to stage a competition to see if the team would earn an extra hour of curfew time.

Rule laid down a challenge for Director of Football Operations Sean Padden. Beat the automated Tackling Dummy in a 40-yard sprint---and the team would get their prize.

To Padden's credit--he flew out of the blocks---stunning the slow starting Dummy who did eventually catch up. But Padden was too fast---he crossed the line ahead of the dummy in front of a rowdy group of cheering players.

But the Dummy got the last laugh once Padden finished and turned to address his admiring players.....Ruhle got the whole thing on video and felt compelled to share it....

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