Dave Bliss Has A New Job... Seriously...

((HT: Las Vegas Review-Journal/CBS Sports))

Don't know how... but someone thought that hiring Dave Bliss was a good idea...

The disgraced college hoops coach is now the new Athletics Director and head boy's basketball coach at something called the Calvary Chapel Christian School just outside of Las Vegas.

Matt Norlander explains...

Bliss resigned from the NAIA's Southwestern Christian University in the spring after the Showtime documentary "Disgraced" was released and discovered this version of Bliss...

((HT: Showtime Sports))

Jonathan Saxon and Damon Seiters had this section as a part of their Review-Journal story:

“Yes we have,” said September Wilson, a coach and teacher at Calvary Chapel. “He is our athletic director. He has been brought in by our superintendent.”

She believes the experience and knowledge Bliss brings from his NCAA coaching days would be a great asset to the school’s athletic department. Wilson said she did her research on Bliss when she first heard about the hire and encourages others to do the same before rushing to judgment.

“There’s a great documentary he’s put out there on his testimony, and that is the one thing everybody needs to see right now. That he’s a man of Christ,” Wilson said.

So, is the clock ticking on this one, too...???

And the HQ wonders just how much due diligence was done on this hire... a very toxic hire...

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