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Bad Night? Dayton Basketball Player Arrested at Bar and Loses Fight in Jail

University of Dayton Basketball Player Sam Miller had a really, really bad Sunday night that ran all the way through Sunday morning. And it's likely to get worse.

Not only did the 20-year old Junior Forward from Virginia get arrested at Caddy's Taphouse in Dayton, he was also charged with Assault after a fight in a Greene County jail cell....(yes, there's video)....

Miller was initially charged with Assault at the Taphouse after he allegedly was refused drinks because the bartender felt he was already drunk. Miller supposedly got angry, knocked glasses off of the bar and shoved the bartender. When police arrived, the Assault charge was dropped after the bartender didn't want to pursue the charges....Miller ended up with charges of Disorderly Conduct and Underage Drinking.

Miller's case got worse. Much worse. After being put in a cell at the jail, he urinated on the floor--angering the man sharing the cell with him. The two got into a brief fight---one that Miller lost. Badly.

For their part, the school would only acknowledge they were aware of the situation and they would not discuss a student matter because of privacy concerns.

That being said---at minimum Miller faces---or should face a lengthy suspension. There is a possibility--a good possibility he may have played his last game in a Dayton uniform.

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