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Evan Longoria Hits for Cycle After Replay Review Overturned Call

Overlooked on a night where Cleveland Indians CF Austin Jackson made a catch for the ages is the story of how Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria ended up hitting for the cycle.

Longoria came up to the plate in the top of the 9th inning in a game vs. the Houston Astros needing only to hit a double to become one of only 300 or so Major Leaguers to hit for the cycle. Only one other Ray had accomplished the feat---Melvin (B.J) Upton, back in 2009.

He cleanly stroked a shot to left field and decided to try the ol Hustle Play to get to 2nd. Astros Left Fielder Derek Fisher made a strong throw and Jose Altuve's tag appeared to get Longoria just before he got to second.

However the umpiring crew went to the replay....which as you can see in the photo above shows Longoria touching the base just before Altuve's glove sweeps across his arm.

The call is overturned---Longoria is safe and Tampa Bay walked away with a big 6-4 win in Houston.

Here are the highlights of Longoria's very, very busy day.....

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