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Jon Jones Dominates Daniel Cormier and Calls Out Brock Lesnar

Screen Grab Ctsy: Fox Sports

Saturday night's UFC 214 in Anaheim, California was an important night for Ultimate Fighting on several levels after a few months of chaos and cancellations.

Rolling out one of the sports legends, Jon "Bonecrusher" Jones certainly helped get things back on track.

Jones, who had taken over a year away from the sport to get his life back together after a series of mishaps, squared off in the Octagon with another "Legend" Daniel Cormier. The fight did not disappoint anyone in attendance or watching at home or a Sports Bar.

Cormier took the fight to Jones--who had not been in the ring in a long time, early but by the 3rd round, Jones got his act together and took care of business, earning what UFC President Dana White would later call the title of "Best UFC Fighter Ever".....

A brutal combination of kicks and punches took Cormier down and Jones reclaimed his "Light Heavyweight Title" with a 3rd round knockout.

Your highlights from the Video Only Fox Sports:

But it was what was said after the fight which REALLY got everyone's attention.

Jones immediately called out Brock Lesnar. Yes, the 40-year old WWE Superstar, former UFC Champ and current WWE Champion who remains under WWE Contract until April.

But with rumors already flying that Lesnar will again leave the WWE after his contract expires---and Lesnar making comments earlier in the week about Jones---one is left with the impression the buildup to these two fighting in the ring....has already begun.

And while Lesnar arguably is not the UFC Legend that Jones is, his name and his ability to draw press and fan attention would be enough to make the fight the biggest in UFC History.

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