The Diamondbacks Mocked The Freeze During Win Over Braves

Fake Freeze in Blue

Oh boy....not only did the Arizona Diamondbacks pound the Atlanta Braves 10-2 Monday night, they insulted the Braves Super Hero and MLB All-Star competitor---"The Freeze".

As one of the between innings "Events", the D-Backs traditionally put 3 Giant Mascots (Legends) out on the field to run and the fans pick or cheer for the winner.

Monday night---they added a 4th competitor. Dressed in Blue. Wearing glasses....and getting a decent head start. The guy in blue had no chance...

No, That really wasn't "The Freeze"....there's a bit of a weight and size difference here....among other things....

The Braves--for their part were unable to defend their Super-hero's honor Monday night. Let's see if...or how they are able to return the mockery.....

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