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A Pro's Pro: Braves Jaime Garcia has Career Night Despite Near Trade

Imagine if you will, you're a Professional Baseball player and find out you are being traded, then find out the trade hasn't happened so your team wants you to go out and play.

For Atlanta Braves pitcher Jaime Garcia---it's exactly what happened to him on Friday. He spent most of his night Thursday with his teammates in Los Angeles reading about his potential trade to the Minnesota Twins. The trade was written about on multiple websites, the 31-year old veteran left-hander going to the Twins who are trying to stay in the playoff hunt with the Braves getting a prospect in return.

The Braves went as far as cancelling the Minor League Start of AAA Pitcher Aaron Blair and flew Blair across the country to L.A. And at that point--Garcia was scratched as the "listed" starter.

One problem: The trade hasn't happened and suddenly Garcia found himself on his regular pitching day, ready to start a game---knowing he may be yanked at anytime for a trade.

As an added bonus---the Mediocre Braves, in the midst of a transitional season between rebuilding and contending---found themselves playing arguably Baseball's best team (the Dodgers).

Garcia would start the game---and was facing Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood---he of the 11-0 record and sub-1.00 ERA.....

No, the veteran lefty did not throw a no-hitter, he gave up three runs on 7 hits. But he went 7 innings against the Majors toughest lineup and ultimately chased Wood from the game in the 5th inning when this happened.....

If you ever wanted to know what the term "Professional" means in Sports---this is a perfect example of it. Garcia was never frazzled---wasn't unprepared to play in a game he didn't think he'd be playing in. And then he went out and had one of his best games of the season.

The Braves would win the game 12-3, their 2nd straight win over a Dodgers team that had been on an unbelievable roll. The two teams square off again Saturday night......

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