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Why are Sports Writers So Fixated on Lonzo Ball and His Family??

No, the headline is not facetious. Nor is it sarcastic. It's a legitimate question about something I don't understand---this summer's fascination with every move, word or social media post by Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and his family.

It's not a "Counter-Culture" statement nor is it an aging hipster who doesn't understand the relevance. It's a question from someone who has spent the better part of his life as a journalist and knows when he is being worked by someone.

I don't understand how Sports Writers can't figure out they are being played. Lonzo's dad Lavar is making them look silly by playing the stereotypical heel role. It's straight out of a WWE script. Lavar makes crazy statements and "Boom" that's your headline on every major Sports Website.

Would someone please explain why anybody should give a shit about this? What is it relevant to? Does it impact any fans, any coaches or for that matter any other players?


Yes, the above image is from Yahoo Sports. 3 out of 5 "Headlines". For a rookie. On a crappy team (The Lakers). And yes, I believe Lonzo has some talent and may make a solid NBA Basketball player. But a Superstar? Uh, no.....not yet.

Maybe a few years from now. Maybe year two. But definitely not now. Sure, he's playing good basketball in the NBA Summer League...but please remember. It's the NBA SUMMER LEAGUE.....

For those of you who think this is just "Snarky" internet talk by someone who doesn't know---I dare you to prove me wrong. Prove Lonzo belongs in the same conversation as Steph Curry, LeBron, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant....or even Damon Lillard or Dennis Schroeder.

You can't.

Yes, I know full well it's not totally Lonzo's fault. A lot of this comes because his dad has figured out how to master the Social Media conversation. He's figured out you can post anything you want on Social Media and it likely will get attention. (sound familiar Political folks) And it works.

Shareef is Shaq's son...and of course there was a response:

This is partially the fault of Sportswriters who have nothing better to do than monitor Social Media looking for crazy tweets. If you're looking for a reason why LaVar Ball is now relevant and his son dominates the headlines...this would be it.

Between the trolling tweets and constant hype for the $495 basketball shoes that nobody has bought nor this short attention span era, that's all it takes to garner a headline.

I wish it would stop but know full well it won't. And yeah, sure, I'm trying to generate some traffic for this here website---but will tell you unless Lonzo does something amazing in a game---you'll likely not see any more stories about the Ball's and their free Social Media marketing campaign......

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