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That Time Lord Stanley's Cup Went to Starbucks and Other Adventures

One of the coolest things about being on an NHL Hockey Team that won the Stanley Cup Championship is that each player gets to spend a day or two toting around the Cup.

For those unfamiliar, the Cup is a rather large trophy with the names of the teams and players involved in winning it etched on its sides. And it has appeared at some crazy, crazy places and some players have done some...uh, interesting things with it.

You can now say the Cup has gone to Starbucks.

Check out this picture of Justin Schultz of the NHL Champs--the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Schultz had the Cup with him at a Starbucks in Kelowna, British Columbia has he was placing his order. No, we don't know what it was---or if he actually did anything other than put the cup down while he ordered. But it made for a heck of a funny picture....

This was Penguins Assistant General Manager Bill Guerin's turn with the Cup earlier in the week:

Chris Kunitz---he took time to share with his kids....

OH, in case you were wondering who Philip Pritchard is---Pritchard is part of a team of Hockey Hall of Fame guys with the job title "Keeper of the Cup", actually is their job title.

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