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The Freeze Loses Again--This Time at the MLB All-Star Game

If you are a baseball fan, by now you've probably heard of "The Freeze" a between innings promotion done by the Atlanta Braves....

"Freeze" dresses up in a full body suit with goggles to mask his identity and then goes to the outfield warning track and takes on a challenger in a race. The challenger gets at 200 yard head start and then "The Freeze" goes.

He flew to fame earlier this season when this happened:

So much so that "Freeze" was invited to this years Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Miami where he got to show off his sprinters speed yet again....

For those unaware---he's already been unmasked. 26-year old Nigel Talton, a member of the Braves Ground Crew and Sprinter in Training. Talton is fast. Really fast. As in his best time in the 100-meters is less than a second off Usain Bolt's World Record fast.

Freeze will continue to be Freeze and for those making the trek to Sun Trust Park in Metro Atlanta will likely get to see yet another challenger take him on.

In many ways, the occasional loss is a good thing for Talton and for Race Trac. It makes the promotion an actual challenge with hope the challenger might actually win. And for Talton--a reminder that there is always work to be done.

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