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NPSL Northeast Week 18 Review/Preview

In the Atlantic Blue, Greater Lowell had some make-up matches to get in and lost all three- a 5-0 shutout to TSF FC, 3-0 to Brooklyn Italians, and 4-1 at Rhode Island. Seacoast Phantoms split their week- losing 2-0 to Brooklyn before winning 4-2 against rival Mariners. TSF also outscored Kingston Stockade 4-3

and Elm City and Cosmos B battled to a goalless draw.

This week, the last in the regular season, Greater Lowell hosts Rhode Island and goes to Phantoms. Cosmos B goes to Brooklyn and hosts NYAC and TSF FC hosts Elm City Express.

In the Atlantic White, last week games were spread out all over the place. Boston City beat Mariners 3-1 before Mariners lost to Stockade (22pts, 1st) at home 4-2. Hartford City and Boston City (18pts, 2nd) also drew at threes- as we were warned about the match-up last week by Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas.

This week, Rhode Island (13pts, 3rd) has three matches in the last week of the regular season- at Greater Lowell, hosting Hartford City and Mariners (7pts, 5th). NYAC (5pts, 6th) hosts Hartford City (13pts, 4th) and goes to Cosmos B. Boston City hosts Stockade as well.

In the Keystone, Clarkstown Eagles put up a big number- 9 in a win at Hershey FC. NJ Copa won 7-3 at BuxMont Torch as Rafael Araujo scored six of the team's goals. West Chester beat Binghamton 3-1 and Junior Lone Star and Electric City Shock drew at ones.

Here's goalkeeper Blake Hammert highlights from the draw...

The last week of the regular season has ECS (12pts, 6th) at BuxMont (14pts, 4th), Hershey (6pts, 7th) hosting Binghamton (0pts, 8th), Lone Star (13pts, 5th) hosting NJ Copa (20pts, 2nd), and the marquee match-up is Sunday afternoon with the Eagles (17pts, 3rd) hosting West Chester (20pts, 1st).

And in the Mid-Atlantic, FC Frederick beat Fredericksburg FC 2-1. The regular season ends with FFC (4pts, 3rd) hosting Legacy 76 (2pts, 5th) and VBC FC (9pts, 2nd) hosting FC Frederick (12pts, 1st).


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