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Tiny Simone Biles tries Basketball with Globetrotters

How can anyone not love 4ft-9inch, 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles? Biles has kept a fairly high profile since the last Olympics---participating in ABC's Dancing With the Stars and appearing on a variety of shows, training camps and other activities.

You can now add Basketball to that list....sort of.

Watch as Biles lines up with Harlem Globetrotters standout "Hammer" Harrison. We should add Harrison is 6ft-9inches.

And yes, Harrison makes Biles look even tinier than she is....

The two make an entertaining pair as Harrison tries in front of a Gymnastic Camp crowd to teach Biles ball handling tricks and passes. She struggles mightily though stayed game for the lesson.

The part that was impressive to us: Harrison, who proved to be quite agile and adept---quickly picking up on some of the Gymnastics Biles taught him....

Your video proof here:

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