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Marshawn Lynch Playing Soccer is Exactly What You Need to See Today

If you follow the NFL, you know that former Seattle Seahawks and now current Oakland Raider RB Marshawn Lynch is back in the league and will be on the field for the 2017 season.

But before training camp starts later in July, Lynch--like many NFL players is taking time to enjoy life and have a little fun before getting to work.

Sunday afternoon "Beast Mode" found himself playing around in a Seattle Sounders "Celebrity" soccer match. It went about the way you'd expect it to.

Yup, that's our hero, trotting out onto the pitch, eventually receiving a pass and because he had on sandals---ended up just picking up the ball and running past a stunned goalie who had the forethought to get out of his way.

This inevitably drew a Red Card from the official overseeing the match. But Marshawn Lynch will have none of your silly "Red Cards" Mr. Soccer ref. "Beast Mode" grabs the card and runs off the field.

We should also add Marshawn Lynch has either been working really hard in the weight room or been enjoying a good meal. With camp only a few weeks away---he might need to work on cutting a few pounds to get in football playing shape.

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