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Manny Pacquiao Loses Controversial Fight in Australia to Australian??

So....the talk of the Internet Universe this Sunday morning is a boxing match that took place while most of us in the U.S were sleeping or out partying.

Boxing legend and part-time politician Manny Pacquiao took on up and coming Australian fighter Jeff Horn in front of a big crowd at a stadium in Brisbane, Australia. The fight was for Pacquiao'd WBO Welterweight Title.

And the fight was a good one. It went the distance and the Australian came out swinging, throwing punches at an alarmingly fast rate, connecting on 92 of 625 punches thrown.

But Pacquiao fought like the grizzled veteran he is by making Horn miss--while landing 32 percent of his

Early in the fight, Horn was at his most effective--several punches making good, solid contact and eventually opening up cuts on the Pac-Man's face.

The further along the fight went though---Pacquiao became more intense, amazed the Australian was still around. He pressed the advantage and at one point in the 9th round---the referee was prepared to stop the fight when Horn was not able to defend himself.

But Horn rebounded--finding the stamina to finish despite the Pac-Man onslaught...

Not only did they give Horn the win---the win was unanimous (117-111, 115-113 and 115-113). The young Australian became the champ early on a Sunday morning and the fight--which was televised live on ESPN---brought out some serious hostility to the decision.

Listen to ESPN boxing expert and trainer Teddy Atlas:

Atlas, who we should note---trains Bradley--the last guy to beat Pacquiao. And Teddy made the rounds on the 4-Letter (ESPN) shows early Sunday morning--adding to his Corruption/Fixed fight allegations.

Proving a "Fix" will be awfully tough and Atlas should be very careful how he throws around the accusation.

To his credit--Pacquiao has not complained about the decision at all. He accepted what happened like the professional he is. The two fighters had a contract clause allowing the loser a chance at redemption in a rematch---something Pacquiao plans on pursuing....

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