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6 Charged In Hillsborough Disaster

((HT: BBC Panorama))

It is one of the darkest days in the history of sport, not just the sport of soccer...

And the HQ knows that we're sending alot of television viewing your way,but it's on purpose...

First, the 2016 documentary from Cosmos that aired on the BBC

And BBC's episode of Panorama from 2013...

The Crown Prosecution Service is charging Duckenfield for 95 manslaughter counts.

From The Guardian:

Sue Hemming, the Crown Prosecution Service head of special crime and counter-terrorism, said the CPS would allege that Duckenfield’s failure to take personal responsibility on the day was “extraordinarily bad and contributed substantially to the deaths of each of those 96 people who so tragically and unnecessarily lost their lives”.

Ex-South Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Sir Norman Bettison, two other then-officers, a solicitor and a Sheffield Wednesday club secretary also face charges.

Last year, another inquest into the 1989 soccer match where 96 Liverpool supporters died lent information to reveal that Liverpool supporters were not responsible for the deaths of their fellow fans- contrary to the narrative South Yorkshire and West Midlands Police- and stuck to for two decade- srafted as the disaster unfolded.

BBC News coverage is here as well

And it's all worth your time as this may be the final steps toward closure for the families going forward.

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