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Ice Cube's Big 3 Basketball is the Game You Never Knew You Wanted

Yes, "Big 3" is a thing, not a College Football or Basketball conference. Big 3 is basketball league partially owned by actor/rapper Ice T and featuring a whole lot of former NBA Basketball players playing 3 on 3 basketball in various arenas around the country.

Big 3 features a Half-Court with all the traditional basketball markings with the exception of "4-Point" spots on the floor.

And in case you think this is just a "Gimmick" that is giving retired players a chance to reclaim former glory---well there's this.

Sunday afternoon the "Big 3" played to a Sold Out Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

What is interesting here is this---Never mind the guys trying to re-capture their youth by playing 3 on 3. The 3 on 3 game will be an Olympic Sport. And a sport not likely to feature current NBA Players.

So why not?

It doesn't require the group of largely 40-somethings to run at full speed up and down a court. The game--like traditional 3-on-3 just requires you to score...or stop the opponent from scoring. You score--you get the ball back.

However...the "Big 3" still does have some bugs to work out.

The games are played on Sunday's. And opening day took 5 hours to finish. Which is a LOT to ask for fans of any sorts to sit through.

And they have a TV deal...even though it's FS 1. Thankfully the broadcast will be chopped down to an hour and run the next day (Monday).

For a "Summer" game---this has some potential. Not everyone is a baseball or soccer fan and very few people watch NASCAR at any time of the year. So why not....

We may tune in to watch too. Curious is as curious does and this does get our attention.....we'll see how things go as the group barnstorms its way around the USA.

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