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NPSL Week 16 Northeast Review/Preview

In the Atlantic Blue, Elm City Express got back on the winning track with shut-outs over Greater Lowell (5-0) as Creative Motion Video has the look

And Brooklyn Italians (3-0). Italians split their week with a win over Stockade and TSF FC shut out Cosmos B, 1-0.

This week, TSF (13pts, 3rd)hosts Seacoast Phantoms and Brooklyn. Greater Lowell (3pts, 5th) hosts Brooklyn (16pts, 2nd) and Cosmos B (13pts, 3rd). Elm City is at Hartford City and hosting Phantoms (3pts, 5th) as well.

In the Atlantic White, NYAC (2pts, 6th) put up five goals but only got two points out of it with a 2-2 draw with Seacoast Mariners and a 3-3 draw at Hartford City.

Kingston Stockade lost at Brooklyn 1-0 and Boston City beat Rhode Island Reds, 3-1.

This week, Mariners (7pts, 4th) host Stockade (16pts, 1st) and Boston City (14pts, 2nd). NYAC is at Boston City before hosting Rhode Island Reds (7pts, 4th). Hartford City (12pts, 3rd) hosts Elm City Express (19pts, 1st).

In the Keystone it was a busy week. Clarkstown Eagles (10pts, 4th) set the bar after a 2-2 draw with Electric City Shock

With a 10-0 shut out of Greater Binghamton. Hershey FC had a 6-point week with wins over BuxMont Torch and West Chester United. NJ Copa had a 6-point week as well with a 3-2 win over Binghamton and a 1-0 win over ECS. BuxMont ended the week with a 4-2 win over ECS as well.

This week, ECS (8pts, 6th) host Binghamton (0pts, 8th) before going to Clarkstown. Hershey (6pts, 7th) hosts Lone Star (9pts, 5th). Copa (16pts, 1st) hosts Clarkstown and BuxMont (13pts, 3rd) hosts West Chester (16pts, 1st).

And in the Mid-Atlantic, VBC FC (6pts, 2nd) and Fredericksburg (4pts, 3rd) had a goalless draw and, next week, FC Frederick (9pts, 1st) hosts VBC FC. Legacy 76 (2pts, 4th) is idle.


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