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Twitter tried telling Dwight Howard he was traded during Live Tweet Session

Maybe it was a joke....or it might have been pure coincidence. Either way new Charlotte Hornets Center Dwight Howard found out he was traded Tuesday night from the Atlanta Hawks while in the midst of a Live Tweet session.

No, seriously---he was participating in a Live Tweet session talking about NBA trades---at the time his trade was announced. Howard either didn't know--or didn't want to fess up on Twitter...

This Tweet popped up at 9:04 pm....from The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski--the dean of NBA Insiders...

The other ironic part of all this---earlier in the day, the Hawks and Hornets had a lively and fun chat about trades on Twitter....was it perhaps foreshadowing??

On a serious note, Howard had one semi-productive season in Atlanta but crying Dwight emerged during the playoffs as he was largely a bench piece during the Hawks loss to the Washington Wizards in Round 1.

His penchant for wanting the ball and limited passing skills slowed down a Hawks team built for movement and speed.

Howard has become largely a NBA Jobber at this point in his career now having played for 5 different teams. And being traded for Miles Plumlee, Marco Bellini and a draft pick shows just how far he's fallen.

Maybe the 5th time is a charm, Charlotte is in theory a potential good landing spot. While the Hawks admitted they made a $70 million mistake by signing the big man. The Hawks appear to be clearing the way for a rebuild. Only time will tell if that happens too...

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