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UCF Kicker Decides to Fight NCAA Over YouTube Videos

Good for Donald De La Haye. The University of Central Florida kicker who has made a name for himself by producing successful videos for YouTube announced---via YouTube--he's going to fight the NCAA over profits he's making on said videos.

We told you last week about De La Haye's battle. You can read it HERE

De La Haye is UCF's kickoff specialist and said in Sunday's video he doesn't feel like he needs to stop producing videos--primarily about his football adventures and day-to-day life because he isn't doing anything illegal. We all know the NCAA's Draconian policy about athletes making money marketing themselves (the NCAA believes they and the schools only can profit from athletes--pretty fucked up, isn't it).

The rising Junior has a pretty hefty YouTube following (64,000+ subscribers)--enough so that he makes money from his videos. Not a ton mind you--to do that, you need to get traffic approaching the millions--but he is making some money.

His coach, Scott Frost and the school have not chimed in on the matter--which tells us they probably--albeit quietly support De La Haye and quite honestly they should.

We kind of hope the NCAA presses the matter here and an eager lawyer looking to take on the Monolithic NCAA takes up De La Haye's case. Athletes have tried to challenge the "Profit on Likeness" clause before and not been so successful, maybe this will be the case that turns the tide....

Here's De La Haye's Sunday night video announcing his plans---

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