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The Freeze gets Frozen: Braves Legend Loses Race

Last week we told you about the newest Atlanta Braves legend---The Freeze. Freeze is a between innings gimmick that pits a fan against a man dressed head to toe in blue tights and sponsored by RaceTrac (Gas Stations).

Freeze became famous for running down a fan with a 200-yard head start while the fan--thinking he won the race---face planted. The video went viral and suddenly Freeze was everywhere.

Welp, just one week after becoming famous for wining, Freeze lost. And it wasn't even close.

In case you are wondering---Freeze is actually a member of the Braves Grounds Crew named Nigel Talton. And Nigel is actually a 200-meter sprinter in his off time, training for the upcoming Olympics.

Nigel--a.k.a.---Freeze now has a pretty good gimmick going. The publicity garnered from all of this may help his chances...and certainly will get him noticed when the Olympic Trials begin.

Our question though is this: Who the heck was the guy who beat him--for all his speed, Freeze didn't exactly gain much ground on him??

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