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Water Hazard: E.Coli Shows Up at U.S Open Hydration Station

Whatever you do at this years U.S Open Golf Tournament at Erin Hills Golf Course just north of Milwaukee, don't drink the water. Oh, and watch out for the blimp.....

On the heels of a spectacular blimp crash during Round 1 of the tournament comes news of a problem with the water. The Washington Ozaukee Health Department found a Hydration Station at Hole #12 on the golf course showed evidence of E.Coli contamination.

Yup, E.Coli--the bacteria which would give patrons diarrhea, possible vomiting, fever or abdominal cramps.

The USGA who oversees the tournament shut the station down immediately and will provide complimentary water bottles instead. But anyone who visited the station for water during the practice rounds---yeah, they run the risk of getting sick if they haven't been already.

In a preventative move--the Golf Association will provide the water bottles the rest of the weekend at all stations though the Health Department did add they found no evidence of contamination anywhere else on the course....

Lost in the Chaos of the Blimp Crash and E.Coli issue---PGA Tour pro Rickie Fowler tying a U.S. Open record with a 7-under par 65 to take the opening round lead as Round 2 gets started on Friday morning.

After Thursday's fun, what else could happen??

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