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Stupid NCAA forces UCF Kicker to Choose Between Team and YouTube

University of Central Florida Kicker Donald De La Haye is caught between a rock and a hard place.

No, really. The rock is the collective known as the NCAA and the hard place is his team. De La Haye when he's not kicking field goals has managed to carve out a semi-successful career as a YouTube artist. To the point where he's making a solid profit from his Video Productions.

However, that profit creates a problem with the Big Bad Wolf---a.k.a the NCAA. De La Haye is apparently in violation of NCAA Policy with the money he is making. Which is forcing him to make a choice.

While the school, his coaches and teammates support him---they also have been forced to make the budding entrepreneur make a decision. He either gives up his spot on the team....or stop profiting from his videos.

Yes, really....

De La Haye made a video to illustrate his dilemma....

Sounds like indentured servitude maybe?

There have been lawsuits and fights over this policy--the NCAA just a year ago tried marketing jerseys with player names on them. Only to stop once it was brought to their attention just how hypocritical that maneuver was.

The NCAA should be proud of De La Haye and other athletes who find creative ways---on their own--to become successful. It should be encouraging student/athletes to do exactly what the UCF kicker has done. The creativity and originality and work effort put into such things should be applauded. So what if they make money off of it. Who does that hurt?

Oh, wait....the monolith known as the NCAA who are the only ones allowed to profit off the name and likeness of the athletes competing in its sporting events.



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