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NPSL Week 15 West Review/Preview

In the Golden Gate Conference, Sacramento Gold put four on the board against Napa Valley and East Bay won at Sonoma County (10pts, 3rd). But it's still Aguiluchos and everyone else (25pts, 1st).

It took a Marcus Rojas save of a PK to preserve the Stompers win

This week, Stompers (10pts, 3rd) host Napa Valley (4pts, 5th) and CD Aguiluchos host Sacramento (13pts, 2nd).

In the Northwest, PDX FC (10pts, 1st) picked up three points with a 4-1 win over Spokane (6pts, 5th)- who also lost to FCM Portland (9pts, 2nd). Pierce County (2pts, 6th) also picked up points in draws with Kitsap (8pts, 3rd) and OSA (8pts, 3rd).

It took a Tyler LaCourse header to get Kitsap the draw toward the end of the match

This week, Spokane plays twice- against Kitsap and FCM. OSA FC also hosts Kitsap mid-week.

In the Southwest, last week Albion SC (22pts, 4th) drew FC Arizona (31pts, 1st)- which allowed Orange County (26th, 3rd) not to lose any real ground in their bye. APTV caught up with head coach Ziggy Korytoski to find out about the result.

Riverside Coras (29pts, 2nd) won 2-0 over SoCal (14pts, 6th) in the Inland Derby. Here's the match from our friends at Inland Sports

Temecula (17pts, 5th) beat Oxnard (13pts, 7th) and City of Angels (4pts, 8th) beat Corinthians (2pts, 9th).

This week, Corinthians go to FC Arizona. Orange County go to SoCal SC. Albion host Temecula and City of Angels host Oxnard.


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