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Louisville Hoops Hammered By NCAA


Here's the early returns on a big day for University of Louisville men's hoops... for the wrong reason...

Rick Pitino has now lost faith in the NCAA, thanks to our friends at Spectrum News KY

Athletics Director Tom Jurich, Interim President Greg Postel, Head Coach Rick Pitino & Counsel Chuck Smrt are the ones answering questions at the presser...

The rundown on the penalties is listed here on the NCAA Conference Call

The NCAA has suspended Pitino from the first five games of the ACC schedule upcoming and charged him with "failure to monitor."

Louisville must vacate all "basketball records in which student-athletes competed while ineligible from December 2010 to July 2014."

No school has ever been forced to vacate a men's basketball championship, but Smrt admitted that the 2013 title is in play and could be taken unless the university gets the ruling reversed on appeal.

The case dates back to 2015 when Katina Powell alleged in a book that then-U of L staffer Andre McGee paid for dances and sex acts for Louisville players and recruits. Louisville would, then, self-impose penalties. But the NCAA decided to also issue a 10-year show cause penalty to McGee, enforce scholarship reductions and recruiting reductions, ask for a return of revenue, and will have a program on probation for the next four years.

Pitino's attorney has announced the intent to appeal as well.

The NCAA decision can be found here...

Or, if you'd like to read it... Matt Norlander of CBS Sports has it below...

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