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Penguins Fans Celebrate Title by Eating Raw Catfish

For the most part, Catfish are a Southern delicacy. They are bottom dwelling, fresh water fish who quite frankly--if you've ever been around one---they smell. They bear zero resemblance to the raw fish people it in Sushi. None what so ever.

They also became the adopted signature of the Nashville Predators.

We and so many others have shared stories about the Catfish and how Predator fans smuggled them into games. It was taken to another level when the Pittsburgh Penguins--Nashville's opponent in the Stanley Cup Finals--decided to ban the fish from the city.

Somehow, the Catfish made an appearance in Pittsburgh Sunday night shortly after the Penguins vanquished the Predators 2-0 and won their 2nd consecutive Stanley Cup.

And by appearance---the crazed Pittsburgh faithful tried to celebrate by eating them. Not the prepared with corn meal, fried or grilled variety.

The began eating them raw (yes, it's bizarre and as gross as it sounds)

There were more....

This is flat out gross: Watch as this guy not only eats a gutted catfish---this fish was laying on the street....

That being said. The poor Catfish had no chance. None. And maybe I'm wrong but I'm guessing more than one celebrant is probably regretting the decision to try eating Raw Catfish....


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