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Nobody beats the Freeze: Braves promotion ends with Contestant Face Plant

Most every professional baseball team in existence has some sort of "Mascot" race between innings form of entertainment. The Atlanta Braves, they've come up with something different and Friday night it ended in some hilarity.

The sponsored race is called "Beat the Freeze" and, no there's not a quiz involved. The premise is something different.

A fan lines up in the left field corner next to a guy dressed up as "The Freeze" in blue spandex. "The Freeze" has his face covered.

The fan gets a head start on Mr. Freeze, he zooms to left centerfield before the guy in spandex, lined up in sprinters crouch gets to go. But once he starts, Freeze is in an all-out sprint.

Watch below as Freeze quickly catches the fan--despite the 200 or so foot head start and passes him in right centerfield. The stunned fan had just raised his arms as the finish line appeared--thinking he had it won.

He didn't.....

And for the Braves fans in the audience--the night ended on a great note as the home team got a 3-2 win over the visiting New York Mets thanks to a Rio Ruiz walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth inning.

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