Boneheaded Goalie Play costs France World Cup Qualifying Game

This may be the worst goal keeper decision in recent Soccer History. At least over the past week or two.

Friday night, the World Cup Qualifying match between Sweden and France was a tough, hard fought match that went to extra time tied at 1.....

And if not for a stunningly bad decision by French Goalie Hugo Loris, the two teams might still be playing.

In the 93rd minute--with only 15-seconds of bonus time remaining, Loris went to the top of the Goal Crease to field a back pass and tries to move the ball back up field. But for reasons unknown, the goalie started dribbling up field before making a horrible pass towards midfield.

Sweden's Ola Toivonen stepped up and lofted a soft 50 or so yard shot on goal which rolled into the net long before a stunned Loris could get there.