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Sidney Crosby Rubs P.K Subban and Predators Faces Into Ice After 6-0 Win

Thursday night was a good night to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan as they thoroughly annihilated the Nashville Predators 6-0 to take a 3 games to 2 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The game was never close. But it had a few interesting sub plots which seem to be the theme of this really fun to watch series.

Perhaps the most note-worthy, Penguins star Sidney Crosby getting tangled up with Nashville's star Defenseman P.K. Subban. Subban started the action by trying to grab an ankle lock and tie up Pittsburgh's captain. Somehow, Crosby ended up on top of Subban and began pounding his face into the ice--something the referees did eventually see. Both players ended up with 2-minute penalties for holding.

It wasn't even the action on the ice which was disturbing--both players would later call the incident just part of the game.

Alas, it was the intermission comments of NBC Sports Hockey Analyst Mike Milbury which raised a few eyebrows when he said Subban "Had it coming".

Eh....uh, somebody needs to remind Milbury the ice is not forgiving and pounding someone's head on it is never a good thing.

Needless to say---Nashville fans are fuming over it---though they probably should fume over their team who basically laid an egg in a game that could have made their path to the Cup Title a whole lot easier.

And there's more.

For reasons unknown--a Predators fan managed to sneak in a catfish to the game--again. And despite the Preds not scoring, said catfish got tossed onto the ice.

Said fan was found---wearing an "Instrument of Crime" t-shirt and professing his love for Carrie Underwood on the back...and summarily removed from the arena. (Yes, the shirt is creepy as hell)....

And finally---Mr. Crosby added to his night by angering Nashville fans by throwing a water bottle onto the ice during play. The refs did not see it and play continued as Phil Kessel ended up with the puck and scored giving Pittsburgh its 5th goal of the night.

Game 6 in this highly entertaining series will continue Sunday night in what promises to be a very rowdy Nashville....

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