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Rex and Rob Ryan get in shoving match with Nashville Bar Patrons this is what happens when the Ryan brothers invade Nashville and try to soak up as much of the local atmosphere as possible??

Rex and Rob Ryan, both currently not employed as noteworthy football coaches appear to have decided they'd spend the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.

We know they were at the Stanley Cup Finals because we saw them trying to destroy a car while in hockey jerseys before the game Saturday night.

The duo was also seen in the stands during the game having a great time. It appears the Brothers Ryan decided they'd spend the weekend in Nash-Vegas living "La Vida Loca" or something like that.

On Sunday, the Bro's were spotted again hanging out in the Broadway district, this time with a seat along the sidewalk at Margaritaville restaurant/bar. And it looks like they, like many were just taking in the atmosphere and chilling on a Summertime afternoon.

The reason: For reasons unknown at this time a bit of a kerfuffle broke out in the bar.

You can see Rex shoving one guy and Rob trying in vain to get into it with someone else while being held back.

No police were called, there was no incident report. We won't speculate on what triggered it nor why it became a struggle.

We're guessing the Brothers Ryan are likely in Nashville for both Stanley Cup Playoff games. Game 4 in the Series led by the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1, will be played Monday night at the Bridgestone Arena.

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