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ESPN Bringing back Hank Williams Jr to try Saving Monday Night Football

Can a blast from the past save the sagging ratings for ESPN's Monday Night Football?

Well, we're about to find out as Monday morning, the Worldwide Leader announced the return to past glory when they bring back Country Music Star Hank Williams, Jr. to sing the opening theme song for the game.

Anyway, the "Are You Ready for some Football?" song will again be back and appear on the September 11th New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings game.

Monday Night Football, for those of a certain age is not the franchise it once was in large part to the NFL adding Thursday night games and Sunday night games while relegating some really crappy matchups to ESPN. The ratings have slid for several years---though we should add the league has promised some better games this year.

This to me was always a cool identifier to a "Bonus" game---but honestly it is a symbolic move more than anything else. I never totally understood why you needed a "Music Video" to open up the game, but if you watch NBC's Sunday night and CBS's Thursday night coverage---you'll get their version of a Theme Song too....

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